The next Need for Speed will be out this year and playable offline, Ghost Games has announced.

That means that – gasp – you'll be able to pause the game... god, why am I writing this up? Well, too late to turn back now!

In a blog post, the studio also said it was committed to customisation, and that the game will contain police and dirt tracks. Cars will also be present.

Meanwhile, in an analyst conference call today, EA said EA Sports UFC 3 is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of EA’s 2018 fiscal year.

It also stated that BioWare’s new “live service” IP (code-named Dylan) has been delayed to fiscal year 2019 (April 2018-March 2019). It was previously expected in fiscal year 2018.

Elsewhere in the call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company's focus on live services was the key to its ongoing success.

"EA’s games today are live services – amazing experiences that we update and evolve to deliver ongoing fun that keeps players engaged, connects them to friends, brings them more content and grows our network," he said.

"This strategy has been at the core of our digital transformation, and today our live services are some of the strongest and most vibrant in the industry."

Hopefully soon we'll hear whether the above games will respond to input from a controller – something like a gamepad, or perhaps a combination of keyboard and mouse.