There's some thin evidence that the next Far Cry is a western.

Earlier this month, Montana newspaper Great Falls Tribune ran a story about a film crew shooting a live-action trailer in the region for an unannounced game.

According to the paper, crew members used a drone that repeatedly flew by the belfry filming a man fighting with another man near a hanging bell as a train rolled by on the tracks a half-mile away.

The producers couldn’t release the name of the game, but said production areas for it stretched more than 5000 miles from California to Montana.

"This is a sequel to an existing global franchise," said Los Angeles-based producer Jeff Guillot.

The game will be released in September, and takes place in an imaginary location, Guillot added.

Initially internet sleuths presumed the shoot was for Red Dead Redemption 2, but as Nerdbite notes, Jeff Guillot has worked with Ubisoft in the past, on promo campaigns for Driver, Red Steel 2, and Rabbids.

On top of that, Ubisoft does live action trailers, whereas Rockstar does not.

In addition, in early 2015, Ubisoft polled players about several possible settings it could use for the franchise, and one choice was “a game in the Spaghetti Western style set in the 19th century Americas".

Last December, Giant Bomb received an unverified tip that the next Far Cry was set in Montana.

"According to [the tipster], the game will be set in present day, the protagonist is a cop who is trying run down a rebel group who has taken over some ranches and whatnot in the Montana region of the United States," the email read.

"Not 100 percent sure if it's Montana, but it's somewhere around there.

"The rebel group has taken over a large area of the northwest, and your vigilante-esque character is tasked with the duty of stopping them."

In a couple of posts on NeoGAF, Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier said he had also heard the new Far Cry was set in Montana.

"I don't think [the film shoot] is RDR2; I think it's the next game game in a different series that I've heard is set in a location that sounds a lot like this," he wrote.

Then, later: "I just want to be clear: all I've heard is that the new Far Cry is set in Montana. I cannot confirm or deny anything 'wild west' or '19th century', and all of that stuff actually feels like a big stretch from bottom-feeding rumor websites. I have no idea whether or not it's true."

We'll probably hear about the next Far Cry at E3 next month.