Dire Wolves are the first team not called Chiefs to win a League of Legends Oceanic Pro League title.

On Sunday night, Dire Wolves toppled Legacy eSports 3-1, leaving the latter a runner-up for the fourth consecutive split.

Dire Wolves dominated the first two games, dropped game three, and then leant on Legacy in game four to take out the title.

It was a fitting end to the split for the Wolves, who finished Split 1 with a record of 8-2, only dropping matches to Chiefs and Legacy during the regular season.


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"This is the greatest moment of my life, proud of my team and how hard we've worked," tweeted Dire Wolves support Mitchell "Destiny" Shaw.

Dire Wolves ADC Calvin " k1ng" Truong added, "Losing finals last year was possibly the worst feeling I had ever felt, I did everything I could this year to prevent me and my teammates from ever feeling that again, it feels amazing to have my hard work pay off.

"I'm so glad I made the choice to rejoin Dire Wolves.

"Feels good going into a series with more people hoping for our loss than our oppositions win... Loving all the haters."

Meanwhile, Legacy was gracious in defeat.

"I've always wanted to see the Dire Wolves' players play internationally, will be great to watch. Best of luck at MSI!" tweeted Legacy eSports mid-laner Brandon "Claire" Nguyen.

"Proud of how far we've come and what we've achieved. Rough way to go out, but the better team always has to win!"

Legacy eSports top laner James "Tally" Shute added, "A lot of people were cheering for us and a lot of people were let down but I'm still happy with my teams growth this split."

With the Split 1 win, the Wolves qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational, an international tournament that features the winners from 13 regions including South Korea, North America, Europe, China, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Brazil, Latin America North, Latin America South, Turkey, Oceania, CIS/Russia, Japan and Southeast Asia.

The MSI runs from April 28 to May 21, with the Play-In Stage at the CBLoL Studio, Sao Paulo and the Group and Knockout Stages at Rio Arena, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

The prize for first place is US$250,000.