Riot has announced a State of Origin-style tournament for Oceania League of Legends players.

League of Legends: League of Origin will see teams representing New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria clash over two days of matches on June 3–4.

The event will be live-streamed from the ESL Studios in Sydney, and tickets to attend in person will be available at a later date.

On June 3, all four teams will battle in a round robin, with the bottom team eliminated from the competition.

On June 4, second and third will face off in a best of three, and the winner will advance to a best-of-five finals against the top seed.

Teams will be chosen by a shoutcaster affiliated with each region: Zack ‘Rusty’ Pye will select for Queensland, Matthew ‘Fish’ Stewart will select for New South Wales, Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi will select for Victoria, and Cameron "Crunch" Russell will select for New Zealand.

Players must be ANZ residents and have a clear-cut tie to their region – a high school affiliation, for example.